The Tower

The Tower

The Tower is based on my own experience with psychotic illness. At the age of eighteen, I had a psychotic episode after moving out of home for the first time. I started seeing and hearing some things that weren’t there and believed there was a man living in my roof and people were out to get me. This was a very frightening experience. Worst of all, however, were the negative symptoms. I could barely get off the couch. The house fell into disarray around me and my thoughts became a jumbled, muted mess. The fragility of my apparent wellness and sanity is symbolised by the cracking porcelain face, and the words that make up the hand and the writing on the walls symbolise my disordered thoughts.

Upright, this card represents massive change, like destruction and chaos. If any card can predict a death, it is this one.

Reversed, this card represents personal transformation and that you are driving the change, rather than unforeseen circumstances such as a death or divorce.