The High Priestess

The High Priestess

This is a print of ‘The High Priestess’ from my tarot deck, Hereditary. Prints are high quality on archival paper ready to frame. Smaller ones are packed flat in stiff card and larger ones will be gently rolled and posted in a rigid mailing tube.

This card is based on the Irish Goddess Cliodnha. She was the Queen of the Banshees and a member of the Irish pantheon, the Tuatha de Dannan. She is a goddess of love and beauty and patron of County Cork. She lives in the Otherworld on an island called Tir Tairngre – The Land of Promise. To be with her mortal lover, Ciobhan, she departs on a wave and is swept out to sea while she sleeps. In some versions of the story she drowns, HD in others she survives. the High Priestess has the beauty of the goddess of love, but something lurks beneath the surface. She exists between fates, underwater but breathing, with sharks circling behind and yet life growing all around her.

Upright, this card represents relationships, nurturing, and love in the face of adversity.
Reversed, it represents being swept away and your emotions being out of control.