The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man

This is a print of ‘The Hanged Man’ from my tarot deck, Hereditary. Prints are high quality on archival paper ready to frame. Smaller ones are packed flat in stiff card and larger ones will be gently rolled and posted in a rigid mailing tube.

This card is based on my great, great aunt, who lived most of her life in a psychiatric hospital after the birth of her first child. In the record of her divorce from her husband, it is written that she became ‘mentally affected’ after the birth of her daughter, and, months later, was certified insane. She died in a mental hospital in 1938, at just forty years old.

This artwork is deeply personal, as I also have mental illness, and resonated with her story. The writing in the background starts with the line ‘the only monsters you’ll find here are sane’, which references the appalling treatment of the mentally ill (straight jackets were commonplace when she was institutionalised) and the fact that both asylums she was kept in now run ghost tours for cheap entertainment, which I find to be in poor taste.

Upright, this card represents coming to terms with discomfort and accepting that your circumstances are often outside of your control.
Reversed, it represents fear, paranoia, and control from the outside.