The Fool Print

The Fool Print

This is a print of The Fool from my tarot deck, Hereditary, on archival paper.

The Fool is based on my great great great grandmother, who lived in the Ulster region of Ireland in County Monaghan. She emigrated to Australia in 1855 after marrying when she was just 19 years old.

The Fool is a representation of change, naivety and new beginnings; she left her home country as a newly wed teenager. She wears a Kinsale cloak, popular during the 19th century amongst Irish women. The cloak draws parallels between her and Little red Riding Hood which is a story of a young, female naïvety. This link is emphasised by the lupin in her hand. ‘Lupin’ translates from Latin to “wolf”.
Upright, this card represents exciting new adventures, opportunities and ideas. Reversed, it represents naievity, unseen dangers and poor judgment.