The Devil

The Devil

This is a print of ‘The Devil’ from my tarot deck, Hereditary. Prints are high quality on archival paper ready to frame. Smaller ones are packed flat in stiff card and larger ones will be gently rolled and posted in a rigid mailing tube.

This card is based on a number of people in my family, including my great grandmother from my father’s side, who married well but ran away with the nanny and her children. The older generations on both sides of the family were anti-catholic, with one side threatening to disown anyone who married a catholic and my aunt on the other side being disinherited for marrying into Opus Dei. Religious intolerance and homophobia forms the basis of this card.

The Devil here is not religion, but hate. The bible verses on the protest signs actually preach tolerance. The institutionalised hate of the church goes back generations, which is why the girls come from different times. The Devil holds hem apart, but their hands touch like the creation of Adam.

Upright, this card represents outside control, malevolent forces and toxic relationships.
When reversed, it represents the breaking of tradition, taking control of one’s life and relationships and learning to self boundaries, with women now at the top of the card and The Devil beneath them.