This is a print of ‘Justice’ from my tarot deck, Hereditary. Prints are high quality on archival paper ready to frame. Smaller ones are packed flat in stiff card and larger ones will be gently rolled and posted in a rigid mailing tube.

This card is based on The Morrigan, the terrifying Irish goddess of battle and ravens and patron of the Ulster Region, where my ancestors came from.
She is an important figure in Irish mythology and a member of the Tuatha de Dannan. She is perhaps best known for her role in the downfall of the hero Cu Chulainn in the Ulster Cycles, after he rejects her aid in battle when she appears to him as an old woman. When she transforms into a raven he realises who he has spurned. She predicts his death in battle, saying ‘it is at the guarding of thy death that I am, and I shall be.’ When Cu Chulainn is fatally injured, he ties himself to the standing stones so that he may die upright and trick his enemies into believing he is alive. The Morrigan reveals the truth when she lands on his shoulder as a raven, revealing he is dead.

As Justice, the Morrigan is blindfolded, a common motif in depictions of lady justice to symbolise objectivity. She holds a sword, but is not poised to attack; it is reserved for meting out punishment. She guards the standing stones in front of a ceremonial bonfire at Beltane.

Upright, this card represents making fair decisions, being treated in accordance with your actions, courage, and he positive aspects of the Morrigan.
Reversed, it represents corruption, violence, injustice, revenge and the negative aspects of the Morrigan.