This is a print of ‘Death’ from my tarot deck, Hereditary. Prints are high quality on archival paper ready to frame. Smaller ones are packed flat in stiff card and larger ones will be gently rolled and posted in a rigid mailing tube.

This card is based on my great grandmother, who was expected to work incredibly hard on the farm in rural Victoria. She did the cooking, cleaning, childrearing (with help from a maid) as well as manual labour and business/financial side of things, such as selling the sheep at market. Her occupation was listed as ‘married woman’. She had one leg in a brace as a result of contracting polio as a child. She was even sent by her husband to chop wood while she was pregnant, causing her to lose the baby. My great grandmother essentially worked herself to death on the farm, and thus uses a scythe – a traditional symbol of death – to harvest wheat.

Upright, this card represents the resolution of problems, and the outcome of decisions. Things are hard, but a fresh start is coming your way.
Reversed, it represents the sowing of seeds, rather than the reaping. Be careful to act in a way that ensures future events turn out in your favour.