It’s all in the detail. It’s all hand drawn.


Dorian is a young artist from Penguin Tasmania whose Tarot Series, Hereditary, explores their heritage while addressing the darker themes of colonialism, bigotry and violence that their ancestors were both perpetrators and victims of.

Hereditary commentates on the past and present with some cards such as The Devil, The Fool, Death and others representing past relatives while Judgment, The Empress and The Tower represent the experiences of the artist and their generation.

100% of profits from Judgment go towards the Kari Foundation a charity that provides innumerable resources to Aboriginal Australians from arts programs to Indigenous Foster Care programs.

10% profits from all other artworks also go to this charirty.



Hand drawn. Unique. Art.

For me, art started as a way to cope with my undiagnosed ADHD, Anxiety and Psychosis in a highly stressful school environment.

In 2017, when I was fifteen years old, I became so unwell with my anxiety that I had to leave school and study from home. I don’t remember much from that time, but I know art grew into a serious hobby over the following year, as it was an activity I could do without leaving the house. Returning to school was hard, but the art centre became a refuge for me in the last two years of high school. Being an artist was a dream I dismissed once I got past the age of five.

Now at eighteen, it’s strange to think that dream never really went away.


a digital artist from Tasmania, Australia. I have a number of styles, including semirealism, illustration and design.